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a breakthrough in

infield soil testing

Improved soil health

Agalytics mission is to address one of the World’s biggest challenges, feeding a growing global population sustainably.

We are developing a smartphone enabled reader for improved soil fertility management. A system for georeferenced soil sampling, and the accurate measurement of soil nutrients and pH.

Rapid and cost effective infield soil testing empower farmers to make informed, data driven, nutrient management decisions to achieve maximum crop yields, whilst minimising inputs and maintaining good soil health.

The Team

Dr. Anthony Brewer, PhD

With a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge, Anthony is an entrepreneur and scientist with a passion for applying science and technology to solve the World’s biggest problems.

Greg Lauer, MBA

Greg has 20 years’ experience in spatial and mobile technologies. An experienced entrepreneur Greg has successfully executed on previous startups, bringing technology to market.

Cambell Smyth

Cambell is an industrial designer with 15 years product development experience, turning ideas into market ready products.

Bodhi Connolly

Bodhi is a motivated engineering student with a keen desire to combine hardware and software in innovative ways.

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